•  Hampton Court Palace





     On Thursday 3rd October, Year 3 A and B went to Hampton Court Palace to conclude their studies of the Tudors and the « Renaissance ». You will find below some texts ( written by children), summarising this enriching and exciting visit.


    In the massive kitchens, there were big trays with a lot of food on them : hog roast and fishes. In the fireplace, we could see a fire burning, not to cook or keep warm, but to show how they lit fires in Tudor Times. Actors dressed in traditional Tudor outfits were there too. Luckily, we didn’t cross Henry VIII’s path ! We all know what happened to his six wives : divorced, beheaded and died, divorced, beheaded ,survived 




    Int the palace, there were actors dressed as Tudors so that children could see what they wore.The castle was huge, like a small village to accommodate a lot of people. Henry VIII was nine when he became king. We saw the biggest fireplace, with a fire to roast pork. In the big hall, walls were covered with beautiful tapestries. We could see stags, which we thought were funny with their big antlers. Tables were very big too to make space for the whole family and all the guests. ( Henry the VIII hated five of his wives and adored one of them )Dauphine and Serena 

     In the kitchen, the trays were very big because chefs had to cook for everybody in the palace : the guards, important people, the King’s friends, the family… Moreover Henry VIII was a big man. He had six wives ( he was mean to five of them and one of them died in an accident.)The king eats in the big hall. On the walls, we could see stag heads. In fact , when we saw them, they looked real, it was very funny ! Some of them had big antlers, some of them had little ones. We also saw the garden. It was huge and beautiful. It was as if  we were at the end of the wold… it was so pretty because it was covered with flowers. Timeo and Alicia 


    We took the tube and the fast train that went very very fast to get to Hampton Court Palace. We started by visiting the kitchens. They were very big. There were tables and trays and even a lot of food : fish, meat , barbecued pork (yummy yummy)and plants for flavouring. Everything was cooked on the fire as there was no gas or electricity. We also saw the gardens. The gardens were huge. There was  a fountain and a maze. We saw a portrait of Henry VIII : he was very rich ! We also learned that Henry the VIII had six wives. Two of his wives had their head chopped off with an axe (aaaaaaahh !) Oscar and Victor

     In the huge kitchen, there were massive trays because Henry VIII enjoyed eating a lot of food : chicken, gammon, venison, fish. He would go hunting with his son Edouard. He killed a lot of stags and hanged their heads in the enormous dining room because a lot of people lived in the palace. There was a huge garden, filled with roses : we think that it is the Tudors’ emblem. Arthur and Edward 

     Les femmes d'Henri VIII   Henri VIII a eu six femmes. Mais il a divorcé et décapités certaines. Sa dernière femme est morte après lui, heureusement pour elle ! Il y a une femme qui l'a trahi. Henri VIII a pris cette trahison dans la chapelle que nous avons visitée. Cette chapelle appartient encore à la reine d'Angleterre ! Victoire Henry VIII’s wives. Henry VIII had six wives. However he divorced and beheaded some of them. His last wife died after him, lucky she ! One of his wives betrayed him. Henry VIII heard of this treason in the chapel that we visited. This chapel still belongs to the Queen of England ! Victoire


      Hampton Court Palace : the big pot and the biggest fireplace I have ever seen !When Henry VIII was young, he wasn’t very big but as he grew older, he became very fat because he loved eating ! This is why there was a big cooking pot and the biggest fireplace we have ever seen : to cook a whole cow ! In fact, it was also for his guests and his wives. Henry VIII had six wives : he divorced, beheaded but he adored Jane Seymour. Odile and Ella

     When he was young, Henry the VIII was good and kind. Henry VIII had six wives. We call him « the fat king » because he was big and loved eating. He ate meat ! We saw a big piece of meat and a big cooking pot in the kitchen. Jake and Jose

      Henry VIII became king when he was nine and he had six wives. Henry the VIII was a big man. In the kitchen, there were huge trays and a lot to eat. He didn’t know chips because potatoes didn’t exist in Europe. He doesn’t know what he was missing ! Andie and Saffron 

     We took the tube and the train to go to Hampton Court Palace. On the gates, there was gold. At the top, there were a lion and a licorn. We visited Henry VIII’s museum. We saw the kitchen. In the kitchen,  there was some beef. We used to cut the cow on a massive piece of trunk. Lancelot and Achille 

     The kitchen : Henry eats the gigantic hog, on trays four times as big as four plates. However, he doesn’t eat everything : he shares his dinner with his guards, wives and his family. His ennemies are the Spanish people. The clothes : Henry had clothes made with a lot of silver and a sword with diamonds and silver. Chairs : Henry VIII sits on the royal chair ( the throne). Charlie


    What I have learned :

     Henry VIII was very nasty because he chopped off heads and he was very big and when he was young he was very very strong to do sport. He ate a lot of beef and meat. Henry VIII had six wives. Henry VIII won a lot of big battles.